Crypto wallet systems

Leaning on our own software product, the SmartKeeper electronic wallet system, we are ready to offer an independent solution for construction a crypto wallet system, where the cryptocurrencies are used as a payment instrument.

Our crypto wallet is delivered in the form of a web and mobile application for Android or iOS, and is used by customers as a new payment instrument, opening modern possibilities of financial interaction with the cryptocurrency within the framework of the present payment systems.


Account and operation maintaining in different cryptocurrencies


Standard cryptocurrency operations, such as sending to different wallets and acceptance to one’s own addresses


Crypthocurreny purchase and sales at the system


Fiat wallets maintaining, different means of input and output to wallets, bank cards included


Possibility of payment for different services both from fiat cards and cryptocurrency wallets


Involvement of merchants for acceptance of payments in cryptocurrencies on their websites for own goods and services in the form of Pay by cryptocurrency button on the sites. The cryptocurrency got by merchants can be cashed or sold via wallet system


The organization of cryptocurrency purchase or sales bargains among users. The system users can offer a cryptocurrency for sale and make bargains with one another. Herewith the system guarantees the sending of the cryptocurrency to the customer and getting by seller fiat money when the bargain is carried out

The using of different cryptocurrencies, due to implementation of our own product, the blockchain-adapter, which allows to universally interact with different blockchain of cryptocurrencies and to connect them with the wallet system, what provides as a result a quick and universal integration
The regulated safety system with the possibility of operation limit setting and using of static and dynamic intellectual crypto payments processing rules
User identification setting for managing their limits with the purpose of correspondence with KYC & AML jurisdiction requirements, where the system is implemented
The free cryptocurrency output
The convenient application interface including a functional navigation in service groups, search of goods and services sorted by the name, context clues, and checking of
requisites filling in
Detailed operation history
SMS, E-mail, and Push-notifications
The news module for the convenience of information for clients about new services and products
The implementation of modern Android and iOS technologies. They are Google Cloud Print and AirPrint for receipt printing from mobile devices, Face ID, Touch ID, etc.
Flexible adjustment and simple implementation

The terminal solution supports localization of the software, customization and adjustment to customer’s requirements. We constantly implement new technologies and functionality, caused by changes and constant development of web and mobile technologies and electronic trading in the blockchain sphere.

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