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Our competence and development experience
Wallet and payment solution systems in the sphere of cryptocurrencies

Our software based on the current payment solutions in the sphere of cash and non-cash payment acceptance are successfully adjusted to the work with the cryptocurrency. Our technologies and experience are used by our clients all over the world.

Cryptocurrency sales on the self-service devices (cryptomats, cash registers, tablets, smartphones)

Cryptomat network organization with the integrated cryptopawnshop. The using of the back-office for cryptomat functionality realization on the stationary points with a cashier via web or mobile application.

Merchant and online shopping aggregators which give the opportunity to accept payments in the cryptocurrency on their web-sites

The implementation of our payment crypto complex will allow your business quickly and safely to include different merchants in the system so they could accept various cryptocurrencies on their web-sites. The connection and registration process is extremely simple and does not require any formalities and documents.

Various blockchain systems, distributed databases, dApp applications

dApp application development of any complexity. The output of the own cryptocurrency. Development of the distributed applications for payment processing, account data keeping, etc.

Exchange platforms and cryptocurrency exchange markets

The development and implementation of modern cryptocurrency exchange markets and platforms both for system cryptocurrency trade and for unification of ultimate clients for making bargains with each other (escrow services).

Smart contracts for process computerization on the base of Ethereum

Contract construction of different complexity for any scope of activity, where condition fulfillment and, in the end, a deserved reward are required. It includes assets and payments with low expenses for mediators and warrantors. We make and implement smart-contracts and do an audit and current algorithm enlargement.

The customers provides the basic information about the project, implementation spheres, tasks to be solved, and technologies to be used
The decision is made about whether there is a suitable product, or it should be improved or even an absolutely new product is required
We conduct the preliminary estimation of the advantage of the implementation and of financial and terminal resource expenses, and work out the technical task
We analyze the product tasks and project the system architecture with potential changes consideration, work out connections and protocols of interaction between subsystems
In case of presence of different front-ends the solution can be designed according to the customer’s requirements, users’ demands, and tasks solved by the system
We develop or improve the production with consideration of the architecture projected, pay special attention to the quality control, and for quick problem solution we conduct the unit or integrative testing
We conduct the internal system audit in order to find possible hacks. Cooperation with external experts is possible
We implement and start the solution after which we continue to give technical aid. We help to broaden solution possibilities

A wide increase in demand for blockchain-technology development among companies of different levels and business sphere, which are interested in the development of payment systems with cryptocurrencies used, has given us an impulse to develop functional solutions which make one of the most effective offers on the target market.

The Soft-logic company invites for cooperation partners and potential solution buyers in the sphere of cryptocurrency sales, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency exchange markers, and wallet systems. Our specialists are highly competent in the development of highly loaded and scale solutions in these spheres and are always ready to offer their possibilities and experience for realization of your projects.

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