For a very long period the Soft-logic company has been developing and implementing the payment software for self-service kiosks. After blockchain technology development and increase in cryptocurrency rotation we have launched and actively implement our own solution based on self-service kiosks. It is the crypto ATM with an additional functionality of a cryptopawnshop with using the cloud crypto processing.

Crypto ATM

The purchase of the cryptocurrency - customer scans his QR-code with the address of his wallet for deposit, or types his address by oneself, deposits cash into the crypto ATM, and gets the cryptocurrency on his wallet. If a user does not have a wallet, the crypto ATM allows to create a new Paper Wallet.

The sale of the cryptocurrency. If there is a banknote dispenser, a client sees the currency rate that depends on the size of the currency purchased and available for cash withdrawal the banknote nominal, scans the QR-code with the address of the system wallet, transacts the cryptocurrency, and gets cash via the ATM.

The loan of the cryptocurrency. It is a temporary keeping of the client’s crypto actives. Herewith the pawnshop’s owner gets a fixed interest and the customer gets cash. The customer is provided with detailed information about loan conditions.

Stationary points with a cashier

The using of stationary exchange points, organization of purchase, sale, and loan of the cryptocurrency via stationary points with a cashiers, via the back-office. At work the cashier must have a modern browser, a web-camera, or a barcode scanner for reading a QR-code of the wallet address for purchase, and if necessary a printer for receipts and QR-codes for cryptocurrency sale operations. A computer, a tablet, or a smartphone is used instead of a cryptomat.


The system provides the opportunity of a flexible setting of limits and user identification stages depending on the payment amount, in accordance with the legislature of a region or a country which the implementation is directed to, what allows to provide the complete fulfillment of KYC and AML requirements of a certain jurisdiction.

The software allows using the equipment for scanning and recognition of IDs, fingerprint and palm reading, and automatically takes pictures of a client during the process of payment.

There is a possibility of integration with different scoring systems for checking of correspondence client’s data with his documents, address, and other personal information. In case of appearance additional conditions and requirements from the legislature concerning the cryptocurrency rotation, we are ready to customize the solution.

The software supports the integration of a big quantity of peripheral devices for banknote acceptance and withdrawal. Acceptance and withdrawal of various currencies are supported, what suggests an unobstructed connection of agents with crypto ATMs installed in different countries. Multilanguage is supported.


Network organization of reliable exchange points which meet consumers’ requirements and have a function of a flexible commission

Wide possibilities of the machinery and program customization

A quick launch and putting into operation

A computerized purchase of cryptocurrencies on the market at the moment of transaction form the wallet, what allows to exclude risks connected with currency rate volatility

The possibility of unification of several payments into one cryptocurrency sending transaction what allows to save finances for a blockchain fee

Providing the data about ATM by different API for external resources, including addresses and exchange timetable, exchange rates, what allows customers easily to find agent’s crypto ATMs

The possibility of using modern technologies for attracting customers, such as Telegram Bot which allows clients, with using their current location to define the nearest ATMs for the purchase of the cryptocurrency, find out the echange rate, and look through previous transactions

A flexible rate policy connected to rotation provides the Soft-logic company’s interest in the product development and increase in customer’s income

01. A user chooses a cryptocurrency type and a purchase or sales process. After entering the mobile phone number it is necessary to get an SMS and enter a one-time password for admission to the system.
02. Also the software demonstrates the information about the maximum limit for the amount of the cryptocurrency to buy per day, which depends on the way of confirming the operation.
03. The limits chosen during the purchase process can include a scanning of a certain document, such as an ID or a driving license, entering a social insurance number (with a consequent checking in scoring systems), photographing of a client holding an ID, and other customer identification types.
04. Then the user chooses the registration of a new wallet or a deposition of the present one. For the deposition it is necessary to scan a QR-code which contains an address or create a new Paper Wallet.
05. After cash deposition for the cryptocurrency purchasing the customer gets a message about the completion of the operation depending on how the agent sets the message samples.
06. During the cryptocurrency sale the user sees the rate depending on the size of the currency purchased and a banknote nominal available to get. After the confirmation of a chosen amount it is necessary to scan a QR-code for a cryptocurrency transaction and get cash.

When using the functionality of the cryptopawnshop the client also learns the bargain conditions which include a daily interest and the system of risk decrease from volatility of the cryptocurrency rate. The latter is the base rate of client’s cryptocurrency active (for example, 50% from the market total amount, so when a client wants to get $1,000, he must pawn the cryptocurrency equal to $2,000), and also rules of the computerized cryptocurrency sales in case of a serious rate increase (depending on a basic active estimation). The interest setting is available for the owner of the cryptocurrency pawnshop.

01. The user chooses a cryptocurrency for a pawn. He enters his phone number, authorizes via SMS or one-time password for the admission to the system.
02. Then it is necessary to choose a transaction including the sum to get, enter the code of cash withdrawal, scan a QR-code with the address of the wallet, which the cryptocurrency will be transacted to, and get cash.
03. For cryptocurrency return it is necessary to authorize via phone number, enter the return code, deposit cash of a corresponding amount, including the pawn interest, scan a QR-code with the address of the wallet and except the cryptocurrency transaction to it.
BACK-OFFICE CHARACTERISTICS The solution combines wide fuinctional possibilities of wallet and exchange market managing, payment and client statistics and analyzing. Besides the state of the equipment and fullness of boxes are considered
Detailed information about the wallets created and operations carried out is provided. Information about the client and his performed operations is shown, and all the identification data are saved.
The system provides an agent with a possibility of connection of his own external APIs with the aim of a customer identification, for example, the system of getting the information about a client via his mobile phone number or various scoring systems, which will be involved during the identification process and for the aims of SMS sending, for example, a one-time password for a client’s authorization on the ATM or message sending when the payment is made, with an independent message sending by an agent.
Exchange market functionality
Withdraw functionality
Currency support
Fiat support
Address generation
BTC, LTC, BCH, BTG, Zcash, Dash
BTC, LTC, BCH, BTG, ETH, XRP, Some ERC20 tokens

At the present moment our crypto exchange machines are actively used by customers for purchase or sales of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Ripple. The cryptopawnshop offers a possibility to pawn Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Herewith our integrated solution is not limited by the currencies mentioned and can be used for any cryptocurrency type presented on the market.

Also the solution supports a big quantity of wallets and exchange markets. The list of them is regularly updated.

The connection process of active or new ATM to the cloud crypto processing is simple, intuitively clear, and can be carried out at the nearest time.

We are ready to present a cloudware for taking stable positions on the market, including wide technical possibilities, a convenient and multifunctional back-office, a regulated ATM interface. Besides, our specialists are always ready for the customization of developed unique solutions in accordance with certain requirements, depending on a region or a country.

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