Blockchain Adapter

The Soft-logic company service provides a unique API for a convenient work with different cryptocurrencies. Each cryptocurrency has a plenty of certain features concerning the work with blockchain, and during the independent connection it is necessary to consider the specificity of transaction sending, singing, and specialties of work with keys, getting the information about blockchain, etc.

Our service gives the possibility to solve at once all the issues which deal with the integration with different cryptocurrencies, providing a unique API, which includes only some universal operations and kinds of requests. The customer has only to make a request, specify a currency type and a wallet, which the operation of sending or accepting finances will be directed to.

SPHERE OF USING The service can be successfully used within the framework of the following systems:
Crypto wallets

As a service representing itself as an external source of cryptocurrency finances for each customer’s wallet, and allowing to do input and output to the wallet, and learning the balance and transaction history

Payment systems using cryptocurrencies as a payment instrument

The service allows to use cryptocurrencies as a payment instrument in different systems and websites, via generation of addresses for money acceptance, entry monitoring, and the terminal system notification

Cryptocurrency exchange markets

As a service for running the exchange market storage area as a wallet with running addresses for connection of them with the users of the market. The service allows to make an output of cryptocurrency to external wallets of users as package transactions, the managing of which takes place in the adapter

We are ready to provide our technological solutions and experience for integration of different cryptocurrencies and realization of your blockchain projects with using of our blockchain adapter

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